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    Tong by Yechel Gagnon
    by Lauren Del Vecchio, January 3, 2012

    Her pieces breathe and move and are gentle and strong all at the same time. They bring the viewer in and allow for their thoughts and feelings to be shared in the space of her work.

    Beth Tong is  a large scale cast aluminum sculpture displayed as a mural across the top of the Licorne Theatre in Montreal, Canada. read full article (pdf)

  • Yechel Gagnon Tuscon Weekly


    When Ordinary is Extraordinary
    by Margaret Regan, December 18, 2014

    …the cuts Gagnon has made into the wood are as variegated as the ones you’d see in an artist’s woodblock.

    Gagnon uses wood-working tools to cut into plywood. The wood is custom-made of about 20 layers of impossibly thin sheets, colored in dark veneers and tans. She knows which layers have which colors, and she cuts down until she gets to them: to the browns for her lines, to the ambers for shadows, to the tans for neutral space.

    read full article (pdf)

  • Yechel Gagnon Tuscon Weekly


    Top Canadian Architects
    by Zhang Yu Hua, December 18, 2012

    The convergence of frottage drawing, carved plywood and garden with inspirable scents, will have the pleasure to find themselves in presence of a single work of art, like a beautiful, harmonious song.

    The space offered at the college, through the long corridor and the grand foyer, is double and unique by its majestic architecture that embraces the exterior garden and its natural elements. The designers thus chose to use the two different techniques that may be seen here, frottage drawing and carved plywood.

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