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  • Willard Boepple Hudson Review 2015


    At the Galleries
    by Karen Wilkin, March, 2015

     Boepple has never been a figure sculptor but he is acutely sensitive to the proportions of things made for human use.

    The sculpture is a study in contrasts, not only Willard Boepple showed works spanning much of his life as an artist, from a delicate little “tripod” the mid-1980s to recent, tall, vertical structures, in a range of materials including bronze, wood, aluminum, and resin…

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  • Willard Boepple Here, Then and Now 2015


    Here, Then & Now
    April, 13, 2012

     …one’s eyes are immediately drawn upward by the three 10 to 11-foot tall but slender works…

    The outer structure is a tall, boxlike wood skeleton that reminded me immediately of what are known, I believe, in Europe as electricity pylons, and in this country, more often as transmission towers…

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