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    Sophia Dixon Dillo: Emergence
    July 21, 2014

    Marks are incised onto the surface of thick watercolor paper. When lit from above, the incisions create a play of light and shadow on the newly three-dimensional surface. The all over patterns encourage the eye to alternate back and forth between the whole to the particular, from light to shadow..

    Sophia Dixon Dillo’s works on paper play with the contradiction of the nature of light, which is always present, yet not always seen. The result is a fusing of the immateriality of light with the materiality of the art object, creating a multivalent experience that subtly changes as the viewer moves.

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    Light and Form

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    Sophia Dixon Dillo
    by Kelly Skeen, 2017

    Dillo questions the immateriality of light by giving it a physical presence with metallic copper embroidery thread, a medium she also uses for large-scale projects that espouse a similar vision.

    More than 20 miles of metallic copper thread ebb and flow like streams of golden light in Sophia Dixon Dillo’s “Illumination.” The installation, which interacts with the Colorado artist’s new “Light Box” series, is a refreshing exception in an art district typically characterized by marketable work.

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