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    Doug Trump: Reunion
    by Benjamin Cassidy, January/Febuary 2018

    “It’s really important. It’s not all action. There’s a lot of  just absorbing.”

    Wood panel, canvases, paper, archival museum board and polymesh serve as the foundations for Trump’s creations, which dance between the expressive and minimal using, for the most part, oil, pencil, collage, and ink. Some pieces hint at landscapes; lines- verticals and horizontals and diagonals- are constants in the diverse array.

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    Spheris Shows Local Artist’s Pastels
    by Caitlin Kennedy, April 26, 2010

    “Sometimes I have even made a piece and shown it before, and made it something entirely different”

    Ruseckas who has never had any formal training, has forged his own artistic path by using both unexpected colors and innovative techniques. His pieces evolve organically, with Ruseckas building layers of pastel by literally grinding the pigment into the paper and building off the surface.

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    Kahn and Ruseckas Present Complementary Pastel Perspectives
    by Worthy Dye, October 1, 2008

    “[Ruseckas] applies heavy amounts of  pastel into long-fibered paper for a rich abd dynamic effect.”

    For decades, Kahn, an artist in residence at Dartmouth in 1984, has been drawn to the vibrant landscapes that create the College’s idyllic surroundings. Kahn recently recruited long-time friend, the painter Ray Ruseckas, to share an exhibition with the hopes that their pastel landscapes would prove complimentary.

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    Simon Pearce Restaurant, November 2007

    Ray Ruseckas is known for the deep, natural earth tones of his pastel drawings. His paintings are inspired by the New England landscapes, which he imbues with mystery.

    Simon Peare Resaurant is pleased to continue its 2007 Art Receptions series with the exhibition of works from local artist, Ray Ruseckas.

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