Mabel Poblet Bio

Mabel Poblet

years with Cynthia-Reeves: 2
Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Born in Cienfuegos, Cuba, Mabel Poblet is one of the most exciting young artists to emerge from Havana. Graduating from San Alejandro, where she was a student of Carlos Garaicoa and the Instituto Superior de Artes (2012), Poblet has recently become a large figure on the contemporary Cuban art scene. Her work ranges from photography, video and installations, to reinterpretation of pop and kinetic art. Technical mastery and a natural ability to overlay media and trends is at the foundation of her work. Poblet uses herself as the main protagonist of her work, musing on self-exploration and memory as subject matter for her practice framing poetic reflections within her life story.

Though introspective, her work is used as a form of communication between artist and viewer, conveying her inner world whilst attempting to identify common areas and patterns with the viewer. She provides her own self-reflection as a portal for others to reflect on themselves.

My work is based on self-referential experiences of my past life and the impacts that have these memories, which turned into works, determine my present. I allude to intimate acts as well as others that are the result of the relationships that people have with me. –Mabel Poblet