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  • Lloyd Martin ANE Online 2012

    The Paintings of Lloyd Martin: On or off the grid?

    by Henry McMahon
    ANE Online, June , 2012

    It is no wonder that this motif has sustained Martin’s interest for so long. His factories are beautiful and complex lessons in perception; the properties of their various materials are made all the more explicit by their relationship to each other.

    The paintings in Mettere, lacking the obvious figurative or architectural reference of Martin’s earlier work, rely on establishing the kinds of color and surface relationships that are evident in his photographs. Martin is a dexterous and versatile paint handler. His paintings contain striking and varied contrasts between and among their various components.

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  • Lloyd Martin City Arts 2012

    Colors that Speak

    by John Goodrich
    cityArts, May, 8 , 2012

     The artist’s recent work has taken on bolder colors and juicier textures…

    Martin continues to explore the rhythms of the industrial architecture around his Provincetown studio. To the artist’s great credit, his paintings are never merely descriptive. They could just as easily be arial views of city scenes…

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  • Lloyd Martin City Arts 2011

    Lloyd Martin

    by Maureen Mullarkey
    cityArts, June-July, 2011

     Each arrangement results from manifold and complex decisions that aspire to beauty—nothing more and absolutely nothing less.

    The fascination of Martin’s painting lies in its pitch-perfect balance between the constraints of a formal grid and the rhythmic movement of horizontal bands within it.

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  • Lloyd Martin Art News 2007

    Lloyd Martin, Stephen Haller Gallery

    by Meredith Mendelsohn
    ARTnews, Dec, 2007

     Martin’s suggestions fo quaintness and domesticity stand in stark contrast to the modern abstract mode of conveying it. But the combination works…

    Lloyd Martin presented a kind of homage to Abstract Expressionism. But rather than simply quote from the formalism of decades past, the Rhode Island-based artist seemed more interested in merging all kinds of associations to create a melancholic memory of the style.

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  • Lloyd Martin Art in America 2007

    Lloyd Martin at Stephen Haller Gallery

    by Tracey Hummer
    Art in America, June/July, 2007

     There is a bit of  modern-day Mondrian in Martin’s work (think super-gritty, less vibrant Broadway Boogie Woogie)…

    Martin constructs his paintings in layers: stains, drips, bands, bars and perfectly level lines.  There is much to see within these carefully composed abstractions.

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  • Lloyd Martin The Sun 2006

    Lloyd Martin – Stephen Haller Gallery

    by Maureen Mularkey
    The New York Sun, Oct, 19, 2006

     His patterns and arrangements are full of surprises and changes of mood. They evade conventional attempts to make meaning of them.

    Dominant bands of color, frequently black, intersect with finer striations to from fields of illusive neutrals that are the fixed frameworks within which latitude is granted to chance.  Its simplicity is offset by the complex layering and reworking of surfaces.

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