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  • Lianghong Feng – Jing Daily 2012


    Event Watch: Viessmann& UCCA “Embedded Creation
    April, 2012

    Exploring the dialogue between corporate design and art a prtnership with Beijing’s Ullens Center for Contemporary Art and Zcontemporary…   

    As an event release notes, “Corporate design and art permeate and complement each other being both source and essence. As [a] pioneer undertaking, ‘Embedded Creation’ may be understood as inspiration to follow, a dialogue started whose continuation lives from its ongoing exploration.”


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  • Lianghong Feng – Ullens Center for Contemporary Art 2012


    “Embedded Creation” – Exploring the Dialogue Between Corporate Design and ArtUllens Center for Contemporary Art
    May, 2012

    China’s cultural tradition inhabits one of the worlds oldest holistic systems of classifying and categorizing phenomena of all types.   

    “Embedded Creation” brings together the individual artists Miika Benedetti, Ingo Bulla, Chen Kun, Feng Lianghong, Wendy Hack, Hu Qinwu, Hu Shenping, Li Gang, Jeffrey Stephen Miller & Thomas Schmidt and Yang Liming specialized and acknowledged in various fields as ceramics, photography, video art, painting, sculpture and installation – viessmann heating systems.  Cultural antipodes between West and East influence this endeavor…

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  • Lianghong Feng – Artscope 2012


    Lianghong Feng at CYNTHIA-REEVES
    by Elizabeth Michelman, 2012

    Feng builds his color upon a scaffolding of random and ambiguous marks, rich in detail, derived from graffiti, calligraphy and pouring technique. 

    Numbered not named, his recent works appear non-objective, yet space is clearly Feng’s subject. His color is subdued and earth-bound – often dominated by warring and warmer and cooler greys or a broad tonal range of a single hue…

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  • Lianghong Feng – Art World 2008


    Lianghong Feng
    Art World, 2008


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  • Liang Hong Feng – Friends 2007


    December, 2007


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