John Grade Selected Press

  • John Grade Sculpture Magazine 2010

    Grade_Koplos_Sculpture_2010John Grade – Anticipating and Letting Go

    by Janet Koplos
    feature article, Sculpture Magazine, December 2010

     He achieves an extraordinary balance: physical immediacy against vulnerability

    …More than the typical sculpture, Grade’s work has a deep backstory in its natural inspiration, its materials, and/or its placement. More than the typical installation, it has continuity, both literal and symbolic. More than the typical artwork it accepts the fluidity of time and the possibility of death and rebirth…

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  • Grade Sculpture Magazine 2008

    Grade_sculptureMag2008John Grade – Living History in Sculpture

    by Suzanne Beal,
    feature article, Sculpture Magazine, December 2008

    In the works of extreme environmental artist John Grade, Mother Nature is always an integral part of the picture

    Thanks to the thriving “post-studio” movement, artists now have free rein to move out of the studio and into their communities and the environment (whether virtual or natural). But even in this flexible context, Seattle-based sculptor John Grade continues to occupy a category of his own. If you ask the artist, his genre is something like “extreme art”—and it’s replete with all the risk and reward you’d expect from a K2 climb.

    Grade’s elegant sculptures start in the studio, where he works in a variety of natural media like rubber, goat fur and resin. But it’s their relationship to—and interaction with—the environment that is meant to take center stage …

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