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    Organic Objects Sanded From Hundreds of Pencils by Jessica Drenk
    by Christopher January 7, 2013

    Using an electric sander she then molds the piece into a form that seems more likely to have originated in a dark cave or deep within the ocean than from a school desk. …

    South Carolina-based artist Jessica Drenk was born and raised in Montana where she developed an understanding and appreciation of the natural world that has since deeply influenced the course of her artistic career. Her installations and sculptures often imitate organic shapes, patterns, and textures even when using a medium that is often manufactured by human hands. .”

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    11 Everyday Objects Transformed Into Extraordinary Works of Art
    May 9, 2017

    As a result, on the outside, we see the stretched and magnified core, bleeding together into a mass of wood and lead, sanded to a smooth finish—that houses a crater of unsharpened no. 2 pencils on the inside, nestled together in a honeycomb pattern…

    The “Implements” series are created by gluing thousands of pencils together as a large mass, which Drenk then shapes using an electric sander to form geode-like vessels. Of the series, the artist says “each piece exhibits a contrast between man-made geometry on the inside, and an outside evocation of natural shapes and textures.”

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