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  • Jaehyo Lee East Side Living 2016


    The Avenue Concept, World Class Public Art to Providence
    by Beth Adamo, March, 2016

     “Lotus” orignally made its debut in New York City’s popular Union Square Park…

    The monumental work was installed last fall as part of INFLUX, an explosion of public art encounters by The Avenue Concept. Cited for its meticulous craftsmanship, “Lotus” is a conical pillar comprised of Korean big cone pine longs that are burned, shaped, and hand carved, stretching up 20 feet on a steel armature.

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  • Jaehyo Lee Modern Met 20115


    Elegant Wood Sculptures Crafted from Discarded Tree Trunks and Branches
    by Jenny Zhang, August 12, 2015

     “I make artworks with materials around me that I can manipulate. Usually those materials are from nature.”

    South Korean artist Jae-Hyo Lee uses organic materials like wood to create large-scale, sculptural pieces that favor both form and function. Focusing on geometric shapes such as the sphere, Lee somehow manages to transform tree trunks and hefty branches into perfectly formed globes, columns, and furniture-like objects.

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  • Jaehyo Lee Notes on the Road 2013


    An Industrialist’s Son Turns Humble Factory Materials Into Sleek and Mysterious Sculptures: An Interview with JaeHyo Lee
    by Karen Lo, January 24, 2013

     Sculptor JaeHyo Lee is a keen manipulator of resources. Lee works as easily with leaves and branches as he does with iron nails.

    What was the first sculpture you designed using natural materials? How has your design aesthetic changed since then?

    I’ve always liked the sphere because its circular shape has no angles. It is a complete shape.  All works of mine start from a sphere and then develop into another shape.

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  • Jaehyo Lee Designboom 2013


    Leigha, October 3, 2012

    Korean artist JaeHyo Lee creates sculptures and furniture pieces from metal and chopped wood. These elements are bound together in such a way that the often-times linear building components become curved semi-geometric works of art. Each piece crafted by JaeHyo Lee is both an engaging shape within a given space while also existing as an object with an inherently domestic purpose.

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  • Jaehyo Lee Art Daily 2010


    Second Solo Sculpture Show in the United States by JaeHyo Lee at Cynthia Reeves
    February 2010

     He builds self contained worlds that mysteriously communicate with their outer surroundings…

    JaeHyo Lee works in natural materials and steel, as his primary media. His most spectacular works incorporate highly burnished, bent steel nails that form complex, articulated patterns against the velvet black of charred wood.

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  • Jaehyo Lee Sculpture Magazine 2009


    The Possibilities of Nature
    by Jonathan Goodman, May 2009, vol 28, No. 4

     One approaches his large, uncommonly shaped works with a sense of wonder.

    …Lee is so dedicated an artisan that his hand comes close to being anonymous. It is not so much that he is absent from his art as it is that he projects a thoroughgoing craft that builds on itself. Allowing the materials to speak to him, he builds self-contained worlds that mysteriously communicate with their outer surroundings…

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  • Jaehyo Lee – Art News 2008


    JaeHyo Lee Reeves Contemporay
    by Amy Karafin, April 2008

    Ultimately, Lee is at his best when he is least methodical. 

    Lee’s early interest in minimalist Earthworks was still evident here in the materials and they way in which they were exploited. But these new sculptures do not exalt nature so much as turn it inside out…

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