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    A Celebration of Sculpture at SHNU’s Mclninch Art Gallery

    Stones are what most of us would consider an afterthought of something much larger, a boulder, the remains of an ever shifting earth.

    Gary Haven Smith works with massive granite found in various quarries of New Hampshire. He describes hunting for and selecting the stone he will work with as a means of understanding what the stone “wants to do”. The sculptor works with the stone to create bent forms, flowing shapes and delicately carved interiors , properties that are the antithesis of granite.

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  • Gary Haven Smith Union Leader


    Gary Haven Smith Focal Point, 2010

    The influence of photography has distorted the images in this case so that there are both seen and unseen images.

    Gary Haven Smith has long been recognized as one of New Hampshire’s premier sculptors – completing such public works as The Source, a large sculpture at the Thorne-Sagendorf Gallery at Keene State College and the fountain in the entry of Concord Hospital. Many of his paintings and sculptures are in private collections throughout the state including the Currier Gallery of Art and the New Britain Museum of Art.

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  • Gary Haven Smith One Art World


    Haven-Smith Sculptures and Carvajal-Hufschmid Woodblocks
    December, 2006

    …by creating apertures in this dense material, the stone becomes light and porous.

    Gary Haven Smith, who works with the found stone of his native New Hampshire, is challenged by the massive, naturally-occurring stone forms found near his home. He describes the process of finding what the stone wants to do as “bumping shoulders with the stone”.

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