Gary Haven Smith Exhibitions

  • Gary Haven-Smith Outdoor Sculpture


    Gary Haven Smith

    On view through summer 2017
    The Barn @ 28 Main Street, Walpole, NH

    Gary Haven Smith creates abstract sculptures and paintings that explore the boundaries between the enduring aspects of past cultures and the fast-paced, technologically driven nature of modern life. While his granite sculptures may retain some of their natural qualities in form and surface, by utilizing the subtractive process of carving, Smith imposes geometric shapes, hard angles, and pierced forms into the stone. He creates visual passageways that pull our attention through the age of the stone to our contemporary world on the other side. These industrial facets are interspersed with more human-like, almost playful marks—gentle spirals and wavy lines—and often the addition of color. He takes full advantage of the ways in which light can add both clarity and a sense of mystery to three-dimensional forms.