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Gabriele Cappelli

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Gabriele Cappelli is a London-based mid-career artist born in Forlì, Italy in 1972.

Cappelli discovered art at a very young age; his grandfather was an architect and designer who inspired him the passion for abstract art, whilst his uncle was the art critic Mario Verdone, who introduced him to more technical and theoretical art issues.
His frequent trips to Rome, where he would spend time with his grandfather and fellow artists, allowed him to get closer to painting, and to start early in life a research that is still at the centre of his practice.

Gabriele Cappelli began his career in Bologna where he attended the university Alma Mater Studiorum studying economics; fascinated by the idiosyncratic architecture of the city, he started to focus on its urban plan, taking pictures, which would serve him as preparatory sketches for abstract canvases. Cappelli has always been interested in the dialogue between disciplines, challenging the relationship between photography and painting. Back then he started to focus on the nature of a term such as abstraction, noticing that it never refers to rigid compositions, but rather to fluid architectures made of eclectic elements.