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  • Kohn Learning to See Data


    Learning To See Data
    by Benedict Carey, March, 27, 2015

    Mr. Kohn has no training in computers or genetics, and he’s not there to conduct art therapy classes. His role is to help the scientists with a signature 21st-century problem: Big Data overload.  

    For the past year or so genetic scientists and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York have been collaborating with a specialist from another universe: Daniel Kohn, a Brooklyn-based painter and conceptual artist.

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  • Kohn Artists in the Building


    Artists in the Building
    By Lauren Arcuri, Fall 2014

    Ware  artist Daniel Kohn spent eight years painting alonside scientists as they worked with test tubes and gene sequencers at the Broad Institute.

    Stepping off the elevator on any floor of the Broad Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, visitors and scientists are greeted with art: vibrant, colorful curves; thick black lines; and green and orange spirals.

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  • Kohn Nature Art of the Hypothetical


    Art of the Hypothetical
    By Elie Dolgin, July 2013

    The institute is the setting for an artistic experiment. Each tile shows part of an abstract digitized watercolor painting…

    Exit the main lift on any floor at the Broad Institute’s headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the first things you will see on the far landing wall are dozens of colored aluminum squares, each about the size of a pizza box.

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