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Daniel Kohn

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Born in 1964 in Ahmedabad, India to French and American parents, Daniel Kohn was raised in France. When he moved from Paris to New York in 1996, he was working on a series of interiors of a house in the center of France (called Changy), which sought to document the relation between art and the places of its making. Following his 1998 participation in World Views, a residency in the World Trade Center, Kohn’s focus shifted to abstracted landscapes that seek to explore the viewer’s sense of pace. He has participated in numerous personal and collective exhibitions in the United States, Europe and Latin America. Additionally, he has an extensive list of site-specific works, including public and private commissions and partnerships with dance, music and theater organizations. Notable among these installations are Seen From Above, Commissioned by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York City and installed in Grand Central Terminal in September 2002, and the private commission, Looking South, for Fiduciary Trust Company International, a 4 story painting of the view looking south from the World Trade Center.

From 2003 to 2013 he was involved with the Broad Institute for Genomic Research, where he investigated the crossovers between art and science. He is their Founding Artist in Residence and founder of the Viz Group. Kohn recently completed Instance of a Dataset, a 7 floor commission for the Broad headquarters.

Daniel is currently Artist in Residence at the Center for Epigenomics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, in the Bronx, NY. And recently founded the Art Science Observatory, a new organization dedicated to enabling research across Art and Science.