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    By Robert Enright,  2012

     The one thing that has remained constant in her ongoing search for difference has been the quality of her work. Farish is one of Québec’s most adept and original printmakers. 

    Catherine Farish is constantly inquiring into different ways of looking. Whether she is combing scrapyards for metal parts and computer discards to use as printing objects, re-purposing player piano rolls as surfaces on which she can situate abstract marks, language fragments, or figures, or re-writing a romance on envelopes from the 1940s, she is perennially on the lookout for things that will allow her to complicate both surfaces and the manner in which they are perceived. Hers is a restless sort of gathering.

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    RCA Member Travelogue
    By Catherine Farish, Spring, 2011

     This is Yeats and Joyce country, with ever-changing skies and the mystical light of the Northern Romantics. 

    We drove from Dublin to Ballycastle, County Mayo, on the west coast of Ireland in sheets of horizontal rain on the narrowest roads in the world on the blackest of November night s, finally arriving at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation where I was to spend the next six weeks as a resident artist.

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