Catherine Farish Bio

Catherine Farish

years with Cynthia-Reeves: 22
Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Grand Prize, Printmaking, Quebec Canada
International Arts Festival, Residency, Asilah, Morocco
Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts, Inductee, 2008

Catherine Farish is constantly inquiring into different ways of looking. Whether she is combing scrapyards for metal parts and computer discards to use as printing objects, re-purposing player piano rolls as surfaces on which she can situate abstract marks, language fragments, or figures, or re-writing a romance on envelopes from the 1940s, she is perennially on the lookout for things that will allow her to complicate both surfaces and the manner in which they are perceived. Hers is a restless sort of gathering. –Robert Enright, art critic and curator

Farish continues to work with found objects; this time with vintage post-industrial photo-etched plates of unknown authorship. These images, juxtaposed with abstract markings, results in a series of narrative monoprints on Japanese paper, which allude to obscure and forgotten events.

She has been experimenting with agricultural artifacts such as the circular metal maple syrup sieve (part of an old maple syrup making machine) used in Many Moons. The resulting montage of different “worlds” exemplifies the innovative printmaking techniques Farish is known for.