Beth Galston Selected Press

  • Beth Galston Nashville


    Art Makes the Music City Center
    January 2013

    Beth challenges herself to create art that engages people to react to light and color, shoadow and form, as the move through a specific environment.

    Beth Galston’s piece, Sound Wave, is an interactive sculpture made of undulating metal forms and LED lights, taking its inspiration from the shape of a sound wave and a musical staff of five bars with notes. It will be mounted in the 6th Avenue concourse and lobby.

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  • Beth Galston Park Fence


    Unqiue Park Fence Project Wins Fence Industry Design Award, 2011

    The 2011 Les Grube Memorial Design Award has been given to Beth Galston.

    The project consists of a sculptural fence made of chain link fabricated in a serpentine shape with sinuous curves. In this fence, the top and bottom rails are serpentine, and the other posts are set purposely at angles to create a sense of rhythm and energy. The chain link fabric is stretched around the structure to create billowing curves.

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  • Beth Galston Sculpture


    Boston Sculptures Gallery
    By Marty Carlock, January/February, 2010

    Her work has always combined a close and loving attention to nature in its infinite variations with a mastery of certain contemporary technologies.

    Galston’s first experiments with light, filtered or indirect, have morphed into a frank and direct use of LED’s, while her resin casting here produces flowers that on close inspection prove to be white-oak acorn caps.Earlier LED gardens sprouted seed pods cast from resin, a somewhat freer and more engaging form.

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