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  • Schuleit Haber Take


    Transcendent and Transformation
    October 1, 2015

    Anna’s unstinting use of flowers to fill yet more vacant, grief-stricken spaces was exactly what was necessary, nothing less. 

    Anna never puts herself at the center of her installations. Her large, beneficent visions have always depended on the generosity of others, making the installations a collaborative effort. Visions need to spontaneously combust in others to see the light of day. Whether in a day or years, Anna’s ideas caught on and set off a chain reaction of generosity in others that finally made the concepts live and endure as works of art. No one is more humbled by this creative process than Anna Schuleit Haber.

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  • Schuleit Haber Massachusetts Review

    The Massachusetts Review

    Just a Rumor
    Winter 2010

    For this project Schuleit selected an outdoor location where the enormous, windowless Fine Arts Center meets the campus pond, enabling a low-tech “projection” of the painted face to be generated b y natur e alone — without the use of electronic devices.”

    Painted on the concrete façade of the Fine Arts Center at UMass Amherst, Just a Rumor is a three-story-high, upside-down portrait of a face. When the portrait’s reflection is viewed on the surface of the adjacent campus pond, the image is inverted, producing a double portrait: the upside-down original and the right side up reflection. The painting measures approximately 40 x 45 feet (nearly 1800 square feet) and is executed in acrylic paint.

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