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  • Allison Gildersleeve Arte Fuse


    Gildersleeve Going Elsewhere and Taking You There 
    by Oscar Laluyan, Valley News May 2014

    The transitive experience is subtle and not forced as one is transported from one type of scene to the next.

    Gildersleeve with her abstract nature landscapes punctuated by colors and riotous forms brought a whole new dimension of a created world that is all at once familiar yet exciting to explore. Recalling the Van Gogh technique of bringing the undergrowth into closer focus and dispensing of the middle horizon line where the viewer is captive to the static world she exposed.

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  • Allison Gildersleeve Asya Giesberg


    Let Me Show It To You Unfixed
    February 2012

    Gildersleeve starts with the ubiquitous and the known, and ends with the deliriously unfixed. All we are left with are discrete moments of seeming understanding and placement, and open-ended wandering. Instead of fixity, paint’s murky mushy squishyness reigns victorious.

    Starting with recycled drawings, photographs, and revisited childhood places, Gildersleeve builds an increasing complexity – and like a visual puppet-master, deftly orchestrates our eyes’ travel in perpetual motion. Rather than a passively-observed vista that reveals itself immediately, she aims to orient the viewer in a specific way.

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  • Allison Gildersleeve Valley News


    In Showing Mystery of the Form, and Abstract Landscape Painter Raises Issues
    By Alex Hanson, Valley News, February 2012

    Allison Gildersleeve has developed a mastery of the form, balancing her paintings on the line between concrete depiction and guazy perception.

    Gildersleeve isn’t shy about using colors that walk the border of the natural world, or that don’t precisely correspond to the substances she’s trying to evoke. She layers her paintings with earthy tones, brown, black, green and dark purple, then uses a final color scheme to create a sense of movement and surface tension.

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