Allison Gildersleeve Exhibitions

  • Allison Gildersleeve Walpole


    December 13 – February 14, 2015
    The Barn @ 28 Main Street, Walpole, NH

    Gildersleeve continues to bend the landscape genre into a different language — a painting language — that takes history, memory, and time all into account and turns them into tangible elements of her landscape. Gildersleeve achieves this synthesis by playing overtly with the canvas’ positive/ negative shapes, often beginning her paintings in black and white as she describes the clear shapes in each tangle of branches or the cross sections of stonewalls. The high density patterning serves a dual functionality: firstly, it flattens the painting, and puts the viewer’s gaze on the warp and weft of her composition; and secondly, it provides the artist with the intricate lacework through which she can weave her high pitch of color.

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