About Cynthia Reeves

CYNTHIA-REEVES realizes art projects, public art programming, site-based installations, and gallery exhibitions, with an emphasis on a specificity of materials, the creative process, and an appreciation of the individual’s mark. The artists with whom we work share this process-apparent sensibility in sculpture, site-based works, painting, and works on paper. WE DO ART (pdf)

We demonstrate this commitment in a wide range of services: curating for corporate collections; advising municipal public art initiatives; creating permanent site-based works for companies, medical campuses and luxury hospitality groups; and private client consulting for personal contemporary art collections. PROJECT PARTNERS & CLIENTS (pdf)

We have initiated public art projects in the US and abroad, placing large-scale works in the public domain for both permanent and temporary installations. PUBLIC ART (pdf)

Our exhibition program includes an appreciation of the mutability and the unexpected within the art process. In this spirit, we invite artists into the gallery at 1315 MASS MoCA to initiate a project on site. Visitors can converse with the artist, observe the process as the artworks take shape and, in some instances, engage in the making of the art. This dynamic exchange between artist and audience expands into an awareness on both sides of just how impactful artwork can be, and to understanding the critical interaction of craft, aesthetic criteria, and depth of experience in any installation. PROJECT SPACE (pdf)